Shadowgate v1.0.6423 Apk+Data Full Game

Android Zone  || Shadowgate -  Adalah Game klasik dengan judul asli "MacVenture" yang sempat populer di era 90 di game-game Nintendo 64, NES, GBC Dll. Sekarang Shadowgate dikembangkan dengan visual graphic kekinian dan hadir dalam versi Mobile Android.

Shadowgate adalah game Petualangan, Teka-teki dan action dengan berbagai jenis trik yang harus dilalui, disajikan engan kualitas Graphic dan suara GamePlay yang memukau. Oleh karena itu Shadowgate disejajarkan sebagai game-game HD yang perlu Spesifikasi Smartphone yang mumpuni. Berikut adalah spesifikasi Smartphone yang recomended untuk memainkan game Shadowgate:
- COMPATIBLE WITH a tablet or VERY LARGE screen phone with 1.2GHz quad core Processor & 1GB of ram (2014 Models or Newer)
- COMPATIBLE WITH Kindle Fire HDX 7" (2013) OR NEWER
- SOME Samsung Galaxy tabs (3 and 4 for example) have the proper specs but won't don't apparently like Unity (our game engine). We're still looking into this.

Key Features:
- Customized UI: Play the way you want! Use modern wheel-based icon commands or the classic on-screen commands.
- Difficulty Levels: Four different difficulty levels (from the novice to expert) that actually change the gameplay experience and puzzle structure.
- First Person Adventuring: Utilize your inventory, mapping system, and intuitive UI to complete your quest.
- Dangerous Dungeons: Tons of beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new and familiar locations, offering a new gameplay experiences.
- Mind-bending Puzzles: Lots of new and updated puzzles that seamlessly expand on the original game.
- Retro Mode: Play the game like it’s 1989! Toggle on pixelated graphics, listen to Hiroyuki Masuno’s original NES chip tunes, move between rooms with NES transitions, and enjoy the text in retro format.
- Over 50 player achievements to unlock.
- Storytelling: Shadowgate features dramatic cut-scenes and all the same great storytelling you expect from the original creators.
- Cinematic Score: A digitally-orchestrated, dynamic soundtrack that changes with gameplay by composer Rich Douglas.
- Soundscapes: A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based sound design featuring hundreds of sound effects.

Screenshot Shadowgate  v1.0.6423 Apk+Data Full Game

  Shadowgate- tangkapan layar    Shadowgate- tangkapan layar  

  Shadowgate- tangkapan layar    Shadowgate- tangkapan layar  

Bagi Sobat yang penasaran dengan game keren ini bisa langsung Download Shadowgate  v1.0.6423 Apk+Data Full Game melalui link yang usdah saya sediakan di bawah ini sob.

Download Juga :

License / Price         : 42.000

Size                            : 500mb 
Compatible OS         : Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated           : 25 Juni 2016Lihat di  : Google Play

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